As soon as the first warm day hits in spring people head out to start getting their garden in shape ready for the summer. This often leads to injury clinics seeing a sudden increase in low back pain and various joint pain patients. However, these injuries can often be avoided if a few simple changes and considerations are made when people first head out into the garden.

At the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic Thanet, Kent (covering Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) we have devised a lifestyle advice sheet on how to garden safely that helps to explain some of the simple changes you can make to reduce the risk of injury when out in the garden. Often these injuries arise from people taking on prolonged physical work after spending a lengthy period of time being inactive. When starting to get your garden in shape injury often comes from 2 types of strain:

1) Sudden traumatic strain like a slip or heavy lift.

2) A mild but sustained strain.

People tend to be aware of the 1st type of strain and will instinctively try to avoid situations that may cause it, but the 2nd type is often not considered. When a mild strain is maintained for a prolonged period (and if the body is not used to it – it is an unaccustomed activity) then the tissues under strain begin to steadily fatigue, fail and then strain. This often results from people heading out into the garden and spending relentless uninterrupted hours performing the same gardening activity.

The Spine and Sports Injury clinic advises 2 simple considerations:

1) Take frequent breaks and accommodate rest periods as well as keeping your gardening tasks varied (avoiding repetitive strain).

2) Be aware of your postural positions and avoid postures that may increase strain.

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer any kind of injury from your gardening activities then contact the Spine and Sports Injury clinic Thanet, Kent to discuss the most suitable treatment option; whether it be low back, neck, knee, elbow or any other joint pain.

For more information on the Spine and Sports Injury clinic contact us with your query or view our Lifestyle Advice Library for additional advice sheets.

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