Injury Prevention for Running

A large number of people are beginning their training plans for the marathon. Often we see a significant increase of running injuries in late March and early April, around the time people are reaching their peak distances in their training. This blog post explains why people brake down from injury and what they can do to avoid this.

Why Does My Neck Hurt?

Neck Pain 2

Neck pain is a common presentation in the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic (SSi covering Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate areas) with people often asking “why does my neck keep hurting?” 

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Tennis and golfers elbow are repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to the tendons of the forearm at the elbow. When people suffer these complaints they can find it difficult to resolve, and the pain can very disruptive to peoples lives.

Exercise and Low Back Pain

LBP Small1

This post explores how to introduce activity or movement in order to improve the management of a low back pain complaint. Once correctly introduced people often report a very positive change in the way the pain improves.